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About Andrew Hsu

19-year-old entrepreneur, neuroscientist, book author, speaker, nonprofit founder, game designer, technology geek

  • Founder of a game startup
  • Co-founder of World Children’s Organization and Learn by Play
  • Founder of an innovative chartered public school initiative
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How I Want to Change the World

  • Apply neuroscience research to gaming and learning
  • Apply gaming and new technology to learning for kids
  • Build a network of charter schools based on these beliefs
  • Revolutionize education and how kids learn for the next generation
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Global Network of Schools

Starting revolutionary charter schools for grades K-12

  • Starting our first school in Northern California with grade six
  • Based on neuroscience, game mechanics, and technology
  • Make learning interactive and more fun, engaging, and empowering
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Learn by Play

Nonprofit to build the next generation of schools

  • Cultivate kids that are capable of meeting the unprecedented challenges in today’s and tomorrow’s worlds
  • Ttraining the next generation of leaders
  • Forge a link between play and learning
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Gaming to Learn

Andrew's new startup is building an online game for children in elementary and middle school

  • Become smarter every day through gameplay
  • Powered by neuroscience and educational theories
  • Learn while socializing and playing with friends
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We are seeking investors for the gaming startup and the innovative schools I am working on.

  • Online MMORPG Games
    We're building an online MMO-style game designed to have real learning value for school kids. Our designs are based on neuroscience and educational theories so that kids can improve their skills in an incredibly motivating manner.
  • Innovative Schools
    Our vision is to use neuroscience, technology, games, and play to inject fun, engagement, and dedication into our unique curriculum based on real world projects and demands. I know how to achieve this, and our methods work not just for me, but for everyone.

If you are an interested investor (angels, VCs, etc.), please contact me for our complete proposal and presentation.

I would like to take on projects that have real impact and I understand the value of partnering with like-minded people. I am actively seeking two types of partners:

(1) Individuals who are team players and who have excellent track records of making things happen. If you are this type of person, and your business and life philosophies are in line with those of mine, please get in touch.

(2) Companies that can enhance our services or are complementary to our vision, let’s talk. If you want to know if I am a person you’d like to work with, here’s why I can make things happen.

  • Talent Wanted for Our Game Startup
    We're a game startup building engaging online MMO-style casual games with an innovative learning strategy. We're looking for the right people for leadership positions, and your skills will be respected and valued and will make a high impact. We are seeking funding and building our team now.
  • Lead Engineer
    Set and develop the architecture and code for our game - be an implementer
  • Lead Artist and Art Director
    Create a vivid and refreshing visual landscape and identity for our games that is appealing to both children and older players

Learn by Play™ is a nonprofit I co-founded to advocate the idea that the best learning happens when the learner is playing, having fun, and engaged. The neuroscience and empirical evidence of self-motivation, rewards, pleasure, and emotions are the foundation of our philosophies. If you, as I do, believe this could be a game-changer for our education, then you are aligned with our ideas. If you want to help me achieve our goals of spreading the belief, we need you, regardless of what you do, as our volunteer.

Volunteers, please write me with a short (or detailed) intro of yourself, and I thank you on behalf of the people whose lives we will positively influence.

I am a passionate learner, and I genuinely want to change the world. Though I am young, I am not naive - I think a lot, and have discussed my ideas with some smart and successful people who have helped me solidify them. I also understand it is not enough to do it alone. I'd like to change the world by:

1. Starting and running a business that has a great impact on people's lives, specifically through using technology

2. Operating nonprofits that will revolutionize how we educate our next generation.

If you are a successful person, I would like to learn your wisdom. I will repay you by making the world a better place, and return your kindness and generosity by paying it forward to other people.

I am writing a book tentatively titled “How Neuroscience Can Make You Smarter, Save Education, Transform Your Business, and Change the World."

The book will describe how to use neuroscience to help students, parents, teachers, or anyone. Students can get better grades by studying more effectively and understanding a topic more thoroughly in a shorter time. I'll also discuss how neuroscience can help businesses produce better products and have more satisfied customers; how education can be disruptively reinvented with neuroscience and technology; and finally how neuroscience can make the world a better place for all of us.

If you know of or personally have a good story for my book, I’d love to hear from you.

I am busy getting work done all the time, but yes, I am still answering kids' questions. Along the way, I've received help and mentorship from selfless people, some of whom I consider to be my mentors.

I've also experienced countless rejections. Trust me, I know the feeling. The help and the rejections just make me want to help young people as much as I can. Helping young people succeed and influencing them in positive ways are my methods of paying back the people who help me selflessly.

I am not just working on my own projects. If your cause is worthy and good for people, especially children, I would love to help. I can help as much as I can in several ways I can think of:

(1) be an ambassador or advocate for your cause;
(2) be an advisor or contribute my ideas;
(3) connect you to people I know that can further help you;
(4) recommend your projects or books to your audience;
(5) give a speech at your event;
(6) work in the ways you desire.

When you write me, please give me details or links to your project.

Both our game and school projects use neuroscience and game mechanics as a foundation.

We believe that children today should be taught the way the brain learns and using methods of high engagement. We are using neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, and game mechanics to inform our curriculum design and game design.

Andrew wants to share his visions to transform education and change the world

Andrew is available to speak at your event on topics such using games to change the world, influencing game design with neuroscience, teaching kids to be smarter, and more.

Check out the coverage, including videos and newspaper clippings, here.

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Andrew has written several books, including some for his nonprofit, the WCO.

Learn more about the book projects at the Books tab in the navigation menu above. A Life of Science can be ordered from Amazon, and the two WCO English books are available from