About Our Game Studio
Our game company is building a virtual world and online gaming world where children aged 6-13 can gather to socialize and learn to become smarter in every day through game playing. We are creating an engaging and fun gaming experience packed under the surface with teaching strategies supported by neuroscience and educational research findings. We teach kids all the skills they need for school and for life. Children and youths painlessly and effortlessly learn while they are captivated by our gaming world.

Our vision is to build a revolutionary online gaming world for kids aged 6-13 that will teach them all the skills they need to be successful in school and also later in life.

We are designing the next-generation learning platform powered by neuroscience research findings, Multiple Intelligence theory, social networking, and gaming technology. At its core is a sophisticated and powerful adaptive engine that provides individualized learning content based on the strengths and weaknesses of a particular student. We are crafting a complete educational experience based on cutting-edge neuroscience research to teach all varieties of essential skills (not just the ones emphasized in school) and at the same time, maximize student fun, engagement, enthusiasm, and motivation through social networks and gaming mechanics.

All of these learning components will be injected under the surface of a safe and engaging multiplayer online role-playing game.

What are we teaching: The core of our world is the curriculum of carefully crafted puzzles, questions, and games that we use to teach kids. Our games are designed to use neuroscience principles on how the brain learns to ensure that students take in and retain information in their memories effectively. We are constructing the best learning environment for kids and teaching them the many types of intelligences they need to be successful in the world.

We created our game studio because today’s schools aren’t good enough, and we not only believe, but know that our children can do much better than is possible under the current educational system. Schools and educational systems are trying to teach minds that are not receptive and optimized for learning, and thus the bulk of their teaching efforts are wasted. It’s like trying to inflate a punctured balloon! Schools also greatly emphasize math and language skills, and that is not enough for real achievers in today’s world. Teachers in elementary and middle schools are also under pressure to cover vast amounts of material mandated by the state curriculum so their students can take high-stakes assessment tests to see if they have met learning benchmarks. Students don’t learn well this way and the pressure from teachers reflect negatively on student learning and performance. Oftentimes, they have low confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. We know we can do much better.

Our learning world is neither an after-school program nor an extracurricular activity. Although we do enhance, support, and supplement what students learn in school, we primarily provide fundamental training that can form the basis to learn anything else. Our teaching methodology is to prepare kids in the many different types of intelligences that they need to perform at the top both in school and out of school. We are focused on the seeding process in which we sow our students’ brains with the skills, techniques, know-how, passion, focus, values, attitude, and other ingredients needed to succeed in the world. They will reap the benefits of what we sowed in the short-term, through academic success, as well as in the long-term, throughout their careers and later lives.

For this venture, I have prepared the business plan, game design documents, and presentation videos. They are available upon request from interested potential investors.