Introduction to the World Children's Organization

Basic Beliefs
In 2002, Andrew and his brother Patrick founded the World Children’s Organization (WCO) with the help of their parents after they learned about the horrible conditions and atrocities some of the world’s poorest children were going through. They decided to do what they could for the world’s impoverished children.

It was a calling from their inner hearts. They believe that all children are created equal and therefore should enjoy basic children’s rights equally. The world is one and it shouldn’t matter where a child lives - children living in the poorest regions of the globe have no reason to enjoy their lives any less than their counterparts in wealthy nations.

My First Books
The right to a good education is one of the important children’s basic rights. “Educating Every Child” is what Andrew and Patrick strive to give every child in the world. Reading is the basic building block of education and to build a child's ability to read is to build a life-long learning possibility. The WCO has thus developed a series of 130 books, aiming at providing basic language skills for children starting to read.

It starts from the simplest 3 word sentences, gradually progresses to harder sentences, and at the last of 5 levels, includes fairly complicated sentences. With each sentence coupled with a beautiful drawing done by professional artists, the “My First Books” series is an acclaimed series of fundamental children’s readers. The series has been completed and the WCO is currently raising funds to print them so they can be distributed free of charge and start benefiting and educating the world’s impoverished children.

Book Writing and Donations
Andrew and Patrick are also establishing WCO Reading Rooms in libraries in Southeast Asia, having donated over 10,000 books so far. To help students on their high school entrance exams, they have published the first two volumes in WCO’s “1000 English Words Everyone Needs to Know” and created a multimedia language education website (LangEdu.Org) that uses movies and audio recordings.

Their newest book in progress, Get Involved, is an informative, hands-on guide to making a positive difference with 50 inspiring introductions of people all over the world who already have. Andrew and Patrick profiled fellow philanthropists who have done amazing work from inventing neural prosthetics and alternative energy radios to campaigning for women’s rights, establishing wildlife preserves, and freeing child slaves.

Hepatitis B Vaccinations
Over the past half year, WCO has been focusing on its other main mission: health issues in underprivileged countries. In particular, Andrew and Patrick are tackling the Hepatitis B virus (HBV) problem, which causes liver cancer and has been called the “Asian disease” due to its extremely high infection rates in Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Two billion people are infected by HBV and it is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide, yet unlike other deadly diseases, there has been a vaccine for more than 25 years. WCO’s accomplishments inspired several corporations to collaborate with WCO to eradicate Hepatitis B in China. The WCO Hepatitis B Vaccination Project will be launched in remote provinces of China in 2008 to help prevent this deadly virus. We plan to inoculate at least 1 million children.

Projects for Children
"WCO English Reading Room" Book Drive
The WCO is organizing a long-term book drive project to compile many hundreds of thousands of children's books and fill sections of libraries all around the world with children’s books and other English learning material. WCO partner libraries will dedicate a section within the library for WCO to fill with books donated by the WCO and people like you.

How you can help

Any kinds of children’s English books and other learning materials are needed. Hardcover, softcover, picture books, chapter books, audio books, and all other children’s learning materials are welcome. No magazines, please.

  1. Organize book drives in your community:
    1. Write to your school districts to ask them to donate their surplus books
    2. Ask your local bookstores to help by donating books
    3. Ask your local bookstores to sell you books below regular cost
    4. Make a poster and put a box to collect books in a local grocery, in your school, or in another location
  2. Donate your own books and ask your friends to do the same
  3. Donate your money so we can purchase books
When you are all done, please contact me.

"Build for Tomorrow" Build-a-School Project
Staggering percentages of children in each country are illiterate and have never attended a school. Hundreds of thousands of others are deprived of valuable skills at an early age because their families cannot afford to send them to school. With your help, WCO will build schools, provide books and writing material, train teachers, and give children the gift of education.

Project World Children
We will be travelling to remote parts of China and Taiwan with a group of writers, photographers, and videographers. They will document the condition of the children living there and write a book, produce a documentary, and have a photo exhibition.

My First Books (130 Books)
The My First Books project was started a couple years ago by Andrew and Patrick. The book series is a series of 130 books designed to bridge the gap between the time when the child cannot read, and the time when the child can read without assistance. The 130 books have already been completed, and we are currently seeking funding to print copies and distribute them freely.

Attend the WCO World Children's Summit
We are currently organizing a large meeting to bring the educational issues of the world's children up into the spotlight. This project is still in the initial planning stage. Many speakers will come talk about a variety of challenging educational issues facing children today, and we will start organizing more WCO projects on a large scale.

Online Language Education was established last year as a comprehensive multimeda database containing stimulating movies, slideshows, and audio clips for an immersive English-learning experience. will soon be expanded to allow community contributions and teach how to make the movies.

School and Hygiene Kits Drive
WCO chapters and volunteers have joined forces to gather invaluable items for school and medical kits such as toothbrushes, soap, pencils, notebooks, bandages, antibiotic ointment, and much more! Lend a helping hand today to benefit hundreds of thousands of the world’s impoverished children and light the world with another smile.

Language Labs
With the proceeds from your donations and fundraising events, WCO will build multimedia facilities stocked with movies, videos, CDs, cassettes, and music for an interactive learning experience. WCO’s learning programs, taught by trained volunteers from our Leaders Tomorrow program, are designed to stimulate and engage children and inspire in them a love for learning.

Drawing and Writing Contests
Art and literature are part of the core of human culture, and both have power to shake the world. Get your school or friends to participate in WCO’s drawing and writing contests to increase awareness of WCO and the children we serve. Winning work will be published into a booklet, printed onto WCO merchandise, and used in our promotion campaigns.
How to Get Involved
There are many ways for you to get involved in our campaigns, fund raisers, and programs. Take action now! If you, your family, your friends, your schools, your church, or your community groups are compassionate about the world’s impoverished children and are looking for ways to help, find out now! 100% of your donations or the funds you help raise are used directly to aid needy children. At WCO, nothing is wasted on overhead.
  • Donate
    When you make a donation, you make a difference in a child’s life. Every cent of your gift will be used in the programs and campaigns WCO has established to help the world’s children, such as building schools, training teachers, providing school or health kits, and much more! Find answers to many of your questions in our Donation FAQs.
  • Raise Money in Your School or Community
    One great way to help children around the world is to talk to people in your school or community and tell them about the WCO - spread the word! You can organize fun activities and donate the proceeds. Let your imagination run free - you can do a bake sale, sell painted rocks, or even organize a running race!
  • Leaders Tomorrow: Volunteer Training
    Sign up today and participate in an experience that may change your life. As a youth advocate, you will receive training to effectively fundraise, make speeches, spread the message of WCO, and lend the voiceless children a voice. You will learn the skill set needed to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts and discover how to most efficiently implement your knowledge.
  • Attend the WCO World Children's Summit
    We are currently organizing a large meeting to bring the educational issues of the world's children up into the spotlight. This project is still in the initial planning stage. Many speakers will come talk about a variety of challenging educational issues facing children today, and we will start organizing more WCO projects on a large scale.
  • Volunteer and Intern for WCO
    The WCO is committed to providing education and healthcare to children in poverty stricken countries around the world. Their aim is to reach into the hearts and lives of children in need, and help them to build a better future. Volunteer today. With your help, we can make a difference!
    - translation/ website design
    - marketing/ PR/ advertising
    - help with special fundraising events,
    - design and develop merchandise for the WCO
  • Start a WCO Chapter
    Start a WCO chapter in your area, spread the word, and spur youth to action! In collaboration with other chapters, our youth advocates and volunteers will get educated about issues related to the world’s children, organize various fund-raising activities, help WCO grow, and participate in our Leaders Tomorrow program. Start making a difference now and contact your friends.
  • Speaking Engagements
    Would you like Andrew Hsu to speak at your corporation, organization, church, or school? Does your foundation need inspiration, motivation, or direction? Andrew and a host of trained, experienced youth speakers travel to different countries year-round relating their experiences, advocating a message of change, and showing how you can provide a child with a future.
  • Tell A Friend
    Even the slightest commitment of your time can inspire change. Tell your friends about WCO’s current events and how they can help! Get them to sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay informed. A lasting change can only be created if thousands of voices join together with a single message. You can be an essential element to that effort.
  • Link to the WCO site
    Add a link from your website or email signature to the WCO website and promote awareness of the situation of children in need. By alerting more people to the fact that there are children in this world starving and unable to receive an education, you will help promote the work that we are doing.
  • Overseas Volunteer Placement
    The WCO, in collaboration with partner organizations overseas, offers volunteer positions on trips to third world countries all over the globe. Our target countries currently include: Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, China, and Taiwan.
  • WCO Online Gift Shop
    Why not buy that beanie or duffel bag you’ve been needing the past few days from the gift shop? Our online store creates a win-win-win situation: you receive the item you need, WCO receives precious funding needed to support its ongoing operations, and companies that employ child sweatshop laborers lose a few dollars. Check back frequently because new merchandise is continually added.
  • Wristband Drive
    Wearing this stylish wristband indicates support for the education of the world’s poorest children. Inscribed on the orange wristbands are the words "EDUCATING EVERY CHILD" and "EDUCATION IS FREEDOM." Wristbands come in two different sizes - adults and youth - and are 100% pure silicone. Buy these as a gift for your friends or as a cool fashion statement for yourself!
  • Be in the Know
    What are the real problems with the world’s children today? What do they need? How can we help and make a difference? Being informed is a necessary skill to spread the voice of the world’s children. Learn about basic rights, education, child exploitation, malnutrition, poverty, and child labor in various countries around the world. Helpful facts, tips, and country-specific data will make all the information easy to absorb and explain.
  • Stay Informed
    Sign up for WCO’s monthly e-newsletter to stay informed about current projects, programs, and events in your location.
How Corporations Can Help
There are many ways corporations can help the world’s children, and, at the same time, achieve their charitable and marketing goals. Association with the WCO can help boost the image and philanthropic reputations of corporations.

  • Co-sponsor events with the WCO
    The WCO needs funding for organization of charitable events and for its projects for children. Co-sponsor an event with WCO today!
  • Employee Workplace Giving
    Employees can be informed of the WCO mission and encouraged to donate a small portion of their salary to help the world's poorest children.
  • "Match-a-Gift" Giving
    Corporations can help the WCO by matching their employees' donations. Whenever an employee gives to the WCO, their corporation can match the gift, and donate the same amount.
  • Donation of surplus goods and products
    The WCO Store needs items to sell to support its projects, and help give children in need a better life. Corporations can donate their unneeded goods and products to the WCO Store.
  • Employee Volunteering
    Corporations can encourage their employees to volunteer for the WCO by talking with them about our projects, or putting a WCO link in company emails.
  • WCO Giving Store
    Donating to the WCO Giving Store helps children around the world by providing them with much needed schoolhouses, books, food, animals, livestock, and much more.