About Learn by Play
Learn by Play™ is a nonprofit organization created to build the next generation of schools to cultivate technologically advanced, academically strong, and socially responsible kids that are uniquely qualified and capable of meeting the unprecedented challenges in today’s and tomorrow’s worlds. With the mission of training the next generation of leaders, we are establishing a global network of revolutionary charter schools for grades K-12, starting our first school in Northern California with grade six.
Our vision is to create an innovative and cutting-edge learning environment based on neuroscience and game design to replace our current aged and ineffective educational system. More specifically, we base the foundation of our curriculum on:

(1) neuroscience, as in using neuroscientific theories, principles, and research findings to motivate and to teach the way the brain learns, and

(2) game design, as in use of game mechanics and concepts to make learning interactive and more fun, engaging, and empowering.

In our pedagogical “T-shaped” paradigm, the vertical bar represents depth in the subject matters we are focusing on--technology and science, math and engineering, and arts and music. The horizontal bar represents breadth of broad skills that include communication, leadership, competitiveness, emotional maturity, writing, literacy, and readiness that are required of today’s youths and tomorrow’s leaders.

We are nurturing kids to grow a thorough grasp of exponentially advancing technologies and a fresh understanding of traditional subjects such as science, math, art, and music, within the contexts of today’s ever-changing societies.

We firmly believe that reform and revolution of the aging educational system is long overdue and much needed, and we will harness the power of games and digital media to educate and help kids learn and express themselves in a way that would be impossible in a traditional school today.

Kids in our school experience our carefully-designed, immersive, game-like learning model and learn that school can be a fun and engaging experience. Being a LBP student means you’ll emerge with fluid problem-solving abilities, excellent skills and tools for the next step of top colleges and careers, as well as the curiosity and love of learning important for solving the challenges of tomorrow.

Current Initiatives of Learn By Play

  • Creation of an innovative K-12 charter school with a game design-based learning model
  • Developing all the tools, games, and multimedia materials that are needed to promote fluency in digital media and games for learning
  • Developing a solid and unique curriculum that will serve as a foundation for our school classes
  • Training more effective teachers that understand the brain and games and how to use game concepts to teach with high engagement
  • Raising public and parent awareness of play-based strategies for learning