Our vision is a world where kids can completely relax to focus on learning in a social network gaming environment.

About My Dreams–Why I Started My Projects

My training in brain research makes me reflect back to my education and it suddenly hit me that much of the school education I received in elementary school was not taking advantage of how the brain learns. It’s clear that the schools and teachers don’t understand, don’t have the tools to teach according to how brains learn. No wonder kids today in general are falling behind.

My parents believe that the education available in school was too narrow and had an inordinate emphasis on the traditional skills of math and language. Emphasis on math and verbal skills are not the problem. The problem is lack of attention and training in other areas that are very crucial for children’s success. They believed that there are many other values and abilities that are required for success once a person is out of school. In practice, they divided our curriculum into a more detailed categorization scheme to ensure that all the abilities needed for success are adequately prepared for and trained.

I see all too often from letters or emails written to me by students and schoolchildren that they are obviously very smart but are struggling in today’s rigid educational system. Once they start lagging behind, they feel they are without support in an uphill fight to catch up. They give up before long, as anyone would. They lose confidence, self-esteem, and passion for learning and school.

The idea of a new and unique learning system stems from my own experiences in learning and neuroscience, my parents’ educational philosophy, and the many correspondences my parents and I have had with other parents and students. We would like to build a learning environment where children will actually find learning fun and be fully engaged and immersed.

Combining neuroscience research findings on how people learn with the philosophy and practices of our version of what students need for success, we are constructing an online social game world where kids can engage in learning with peer-to-peer stimulation in a friendly and fun environment.

In addition to neuroeducational principles, multiple intelligence methodology, and social networking environment, we choose to deliver the core curriculum through games. This is the best format for kids to learn – just ask them.

Our vision is a world where kids can completely relax to focus on learning in a social network gaming environment. They will be engaged and happy. You will see learning at its full force on the learning platform we build for them. They will get smarter. And happier.