Speaking Overview

It’s a thrill for me to be able to deliver my ideas to other people in a public forum. I love to meet new people, communicate with them, and learn from them. Public speech is a way to achieve all these purposes simultaneously.

My speaking career began when I was young – because of my unique background and experiences, I was invited to all sorts of venues, including schools, rotary clubs, libraries, and chambers of commerce, to share my story. And then I was invited to write my life story into a book, and had the chance to speak in China and Taiwan as part of my book tour. It’s a singularly exciting experience to convey my ideas to many people at once and I greatly enjoy it.

Now, many speeches afterward, I have refined my speaking themes and included some of them below. These topics run the gamut from my personal growth and education to the philosophies I hold on how learning should be revolutionized, and my humble version on how this world can bettered.

I look forward to interacting your group.

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My Story and How It Can Help You

How you can learn from my experiences for greater success

  • Suitable for: everyone
  • My homeschool education and how I learned
  • Entering college at 12 and graduating at 16
  • My principles and rules of life and of success
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Become smarter and more successful in school

Improve your grades and train your brain

  • Suitable for: kids, parents, educators; Venue: public schools
  • Principles and methods for improving in school
  • Understanding your brain and using neuroscience to get smarter
  • How to learn more effectively and increase the quality of your education
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The Schools of Tomorrow – Today

I believe we can build the ideal school together

  • Suitable for: educators, administrators, government, teachers, general public
  • My vision of ideal schools
  • Why online schools are the solution - partially
  • The need for brick and mortar schools
  • How to use technology and games as a foundation
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How Games Can Change the World

Who says learning cannot be fun?

  • Suitable for: game players and designers, educators
  • Games as powerful learning tools
  • How learning games can change the world
  • The link between play and learning
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Why Games Need Neuroscience?

The Importance of Having a Theory

  • Suitable for: game industry
  • How neuroscience theories inform game design
  • Principles of the brain that need to be accounted for when designing games
  • Neuroscience of fun, pleasure, reward, and motivation
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